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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can’t find the answer to your question below, call Connected Care Customer Service at Presbyterian: 

505-923-8000 or 1-855-780-7737
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

  • What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?
    Presbyterian Medical Group uses a Patient Centered Medical Home model to give patients greater access to services. In addition to office visits, patients may access care through alternative venues such as telephone or video. Patients are assigned a medical care team based on their specific needs. The team is led by a primary care provider and may include a behavioral health clinician, nurse care manager, or case manager. The entire team is located at the same facility, which is designated as the patient’s “medical home.”
  • What plan options are offered by Connected Care with Presbyterian?
    As a benefit-eligible employee with Intel, you can choose one of two Connected Care plans with Presbyterian Healthcare Services: Intel Connected Care High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or Intel Connected Care Copay. With both plan options you will receive comprehensive coverage through the Presbyterian Patient Centered Medical Home and the Connected Care network of providers. Both plans include in-network and out-of-network benefits, cover preventive health services at 100%, and include comprehensive drug benefits, including some preventive medications covered at 100%. The plans differ in what you will pay annually for your health benefits, as well as what you will pay when you receive care. For more information, please visit the our benefits page.
  • What happens if I need care when I’m traveling outside of New Mexico?
    Whether you are traveling outside of New Mexico for business for leisure, you have access to a national network of doctors and facilities through the Aetna Signature Administrators® network (medical) and Magellan network (for behavioral). You can search for doctors and facilities to meet your needs by using the links on the resources page. If you need access to services while you are in New Mexico but outside of the Connected Care network (Albuquerque/Rio Rancho metro area), then you will be subject to out-of-network benefits.
  • Why should I select a primary care provider (PCP) before I have a medical need to see a doctor?
    Your Intel Connected Care plan is designed around a Patient Centered Medical Home model and includes a provider who works as the “team leader” for a group of clinicians who provide other kinds of treatment. Once the team leader (PCP) is in place, they can connect you with other providers on your care team and help direct and coordinate the care you receive from them. Establishing a relationship with your PCP before a medical need arises means that you can see your provider (or one of the other providers on your care team) sooner if a medical care need arises. Scheduling a visit with your PCP before you have an immediate need also allows time for the transfer of your medical records from your previous doctor.
  • How do I find out if a doctor or facility is in-network for Connected Care?
    We know how important it is to find the care that you and your family need. We include the most current list of in-network providers and facilities in our online provider directory. Your health plan materials are the best source to help you understand your covered services and providers. To find an in-network provider, log in to your myPRES account. Once logged in: Select MyHealthPlan Select Doctors and Hospitals at the top of the page You can browse providers by name, gender, location, or medical specialty. If you prefer not to log in to your myPRES account or if you do not have a myPRES account, select your plan under the Just Visiting section of the online provider directory page to see the providers, facilities and pharmacies included in your network.
  • Can I use the Intel Health for Life Center?
    Yes, the Intel Health for Life Center is a great resource for you and your covered dependents*, providing primary care services for the whole family. The Center can serve as your Patient Centered Medical Home and offers additional services, including onsite Physical Therapy. You can also use the Intel Health for Life Center for acute care needs. If you travel to another Intel location with a Health for Life Center, you can also receive care at that location. *All Blue Badge employees, and dependent family members enrolled in the U.S. Intel Group Health Plan, are eligible to use the Health for Life Centers.
  • What are the prescription drug benefits with a Connected Care plan?
    Both Connected Care plan options include comprehensive prescription drug benefits. Some prescriptions are even covered at 100 percent. You can receive your prescription drugs either at a retail pharmacy location or through the OptumRx Mail Order program. You may purchase up to a 90-day supply at your retail pharmacy or through mail order.
  • What do I do if I need medical care before my first appointment with my PCP?
    There is no need to wait to see your new PCP if you have a medical concern before your first appointment. Patient Centered Medical Homes have other providers who can provide care before your first visit. Simply call the clinic where your PCP is located to schedule care for your immediate need. Your appointment will be scheduled with a medical care team provider.
  • How are the Connected Care plans different from the other Intel health plan options?
    The goal of Intel Connected Care is to put you and your family at the center of the healthcare experience. Connected Care plans offer certain enhanced benefits and may reduce the costs you and your family pay – through lower copays, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums, or even lower premium costs.
  • Why should I choose a Connected Care plan with Presbyterian?
    Presbyterian Healthcare Services exists to improve the health of the patients, members and communities we serve. We are a locally owned and operated not-for-profit healthcare system known nationally for our extensive experience in integrating healthcare financing and delivery. At Presbyterian, we believe in the pursuit of excellence. We are proud that this commitment is often recognized by our patients, our health plan members, and by experts in many fields. And we're proud of the incredible clinicians and employees who work hard to improve the health of our community, every day. Because of the excellent work of our clinical teams, we have been recognized by many local and national organizations, including U.S. News & World Report, Healthgrades, the New Mexico Hospital Association, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and more. See a list of our awards here.
  • What is Connected Care with Presbyterian?
    The goal of Intel Connected Care is to put you and your family at the center of the healthcare experience. Since 2013, Intel and Presbyterian have partnered to design a healthcare experience with a team-based approach to care delivery. Continuous improvement is a driving force of Intel Connected Care. We measure this in many ways, including whether you get the right care at the right time in the right setting and how much each care experience costs. We use current technology, such as web scheduling, email communication with providers, electronic prescriptions, and video visits for non-emergency medical issues. Over time, we will look to incorporate new technology into your care experience.
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